Peat, David, Dr

David PeatDavid Peat received his Ph.D from the University of Liverpool. He is an author, scientist and thinker who, for many years worked as a theoretical physicist in Canada, looking at the foundations of quantum theory and its link with general relativity. His long-term friendship with David Bohm involved an exploration of ideas in physics, space, time and the nature of consciousness. While living in Canada, Peat also organised a series of dialogue circles with Native American Elders and Western scientists in collaboration with the Blackfoot Elder Leroy Little Bear. F. David Peat is the author of over twenty books including Science, Order and Creativity with David Bohm and is David Bohm’s biographer with Infinite Potential: The Life and Times of David Bohm. In 1996 he settled in the village of Pari, near Siena, Italy where he runs the Pari Center for New Learning. Peat is currently engaged in a 90-minute biopic of David Bohm’s life and work.


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