There are signs that, after several decades of exploring traditional themes such as creation and divine action, a paradigm shift is beginning to take place in the dialogue between science and religion. The special questions surrounding the biological, mental, and theological significance of the human person have occupied centre stage for the last few years, […]

The Rule of St Benedict arguably had the greatest influence on western culture after the Bible. It still inspires the art of living for monks, married couples, business leaders and community builders. What is the secret of its access to a wisdom that offers convincing hope in our troubled world? LAURENCE FREEMAN OSB is a Benedictine […]

How do we create a good future? This deceptively simple question is the central challenge of human life. Indeed, the question brings to center stage the most distinctive and empowering capacity of the human mind: to be able to consciously imagine, think about, and intentionally pursue preferable futures. Tom refers to this multi-faceted psychological capacity […]

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The standard view in evolution is that life developed through behaviors which optimize survival of species. But an organism’s behavior is driven by reward, by seeking conscious pleasure, or avoiding pain and fear. Evolutionary biology (like most neuroscience and philosophy) considers consciousness and feelings to have emerged from complex computation among brain neurons or simpler […]

Transformative Innovations for Health: a gathering of change-makers  Saturday 18th November 2017, University of Westminster, Lecture Theatre    The neatness of medical science is unravelling. 20th-century medicine focused on smaller and smaller parts with astonishing success: triumphant in infections, deficiency diseases, with surgical excisions and transplants, intensive care and anaesthetics. But 21st century medicine is confronting whole […]