Science has been remarkably successful in describing the material world, from the smallest scales of particle physics to the largest scales of cosmology, and even claims to be close to a ‘Theory of Everything’. Curiously, mind and spirit are completely absent from this picture, even though there are grounds for believing that these are fundamental […]

When we join our collective intent and wisdom, the possibilities are infinite. At Dreaming the Future Conference we will acquire a deeper understanding of our extraordinary human capacities and the reality of the spiritual nature of our world. The speakers, advocates, storytellers and visionaries coming together in Barcelona share a message of optimism and reveal […]

2017 marks the centenary of two of the most creative scientists of the 20th century, Prof David Bohm FRS (1917 – 1992) and Prof Vicomte Ilya Prigogine (1917 – 2004). Both men thought out-of-the-box, and introduced new and influential concepts that have had a wide reach outside their specialist fields. The Network arranged a weekend of dialogue with David Bohm in 1988, and a day with Ilya Prigogine in 1995, which was attended by more than 400 people. Both were Honorary Members. Addressed by experts who worked closely with both men, this centenary conference will consider their legacies and the extensive influence, showing how their ideas still shape our thinking.

Widening the Evidence Base in Science and Spirituality Keynote: John Hands University of Plymouth  7-9 July 2017  Chairs Dr Peter Fenwick & David Lorimer   Programme The 2017 Network Annual Gathering returns to the University of Plymouth, where we held the meeting some 10 years ago. The Programme will begin on Friday evening with drinks and […]

The cross-cultural study of the Near Death Experience (NDE) is a relatively new field of investigation. Some researchers held the view that the NDE is a universal experience, although cultural/religious beliefs influence various details and the way the NDE is interpreted. On the contrary, others, reported cases where the content of the experience was actually […]

Geometry is a key foundation of science and technology, while also being an artistic form and contemplative focus within many spiritual traditions. This participative talk will introduce and explore some of the key figures and concepts of sacred geometry, and how they relate to key concepts in Pythagorean and Vedic mathematics, such as the golden ratio, […]

The Rule of St Benedict arguably had the greatest influence on western culture after the Bible. It still inspires the art of living for monks, married couples, business leaders and community builders. What is the secret of its access to a wisdom that offers convincing hope in our troubled world? LAURENCE FREEMAN OSB is a Benedictine […]

Dr Rupert Sheldrake, Prof Chris Roe, Dr Cassandra Vieten, Dr Dean Radin, Prof Stuart Hameroff, Dr Diane Corcoran, Dr Penny Sartori   The interdisciplinary Beyond the Brain conferences were initiated with Willis Harman and Edgar Mitchell of the Institute of Noetic Sciences at St John’s College, Cambridge in 1995. Over the years we have covered a wide range of […]