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Events at Hampstead London

Jerry Kroth, Ph.D. wonders if all crop circles may not be human fakes and counterfeits after all. He analyzes three mysterious, intricate, and amazing pictograms in this talk and astonishes the viewer with the prospect that these actually may be extraterrestrial communications which we have been steadfastly taught to ignore and disregard. Disinformation propaganda through […]

The present global crisis has produced a flood of commentaries both pessimistic and hopeful. Many ascribe our predicament to earlier worldviews which have failed us. Others advance new views – utopian or dystopic or uncertain.  What is certain is that we are now being impelled to understand ourselves. This opportunity to understand ourselves in wiser […]

Nietzsche famously announced the ‘death of God’ and prophesied the inevitable onset of an age of nihilism in which ‘everything lacks meaning’ and ‘our “why” finds no answer. The SMN has long been concerned with this issue and has debated from various points of view the possibility of a new paradigm or worldview ‘beyond nihilism’. […]

Kim will provide a brief overview of the Division of Perceptual Studies of the University of Virginia, its history, and current research focus, including near death experiences and their impact. She will then focus on her own current research exploring the impact of both spontaneous experiences, such as perceived communications from deceased loved ones, and […]