Bowie, Fiona, Dr, DPhil

Dr. Fiona Bowie, DPhil (Social Anthropology) Oxford is a Visiting Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, King’s College, London. She is also a Member of Wolfson College Oxford and Founder of the Afterlife Research Centre. Fiona studied anthropology at the English universities of Durham and Oxford, gaining her DPhil with a study of Christian missions in Cameroon. Her publications and research interests include the anthropology of religion, ethnographic approaches to the afterlife, mediumship and related phenomena, gender and spirituality, pilgrimage, and African ethnography, kinship practices and religion. As an adoptive parent, Fiona has both an academic and personal interest in adoption, fostering and child circulation. A conversation she had with the birth mother of one of her children was recently broadcast as part of the BBC/British Library’s ‘Listening Project’ on Radio 4 and BBC Wales.


The Anthropology of Religion: An IntroductionCeltic Christian Spirituality - An Anthology of Medieval and Modern SourcesCross-Cultural Approaches to Adoption (European Association of Social Anthropologists)The Wisdom of Hildegard of Bingen (Wisdom Series)Tales from The Afterlife