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    Editorial – Paul Filmore & David Lorimer Articles Why did Bohm Collaborate with Krishnamurti? – David Edmund Moody Beyond Duality – Jude Currivan The Whole Spectrum: Biological to Spiritual – Hazel Skelsey Guest Contrasting Futures for Humanity: Technotopian or Human-Centred – Jennifer M. Gidley A Farewell to Ice – Peter Wadhams Three Horizons: the Patterning of Hope – Bill Sharpe Regenerative Business – ...
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    WHY DID BOHM COLLABORATE WITH KRISHNAMURTI? Some Reminiscences and Reflections David Edmund Moody This article is adapted from a talk the author gave in London on June 24 at the David Bohm/Ilya Prigogine centennial celebration conference.  It is based upon his recent book, An Uncommon Collaboration:  David Bohm and J. Krishnamurti. Both David Bohm and Ilya Prigogine were ...
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  • Network Review Winter 2015 - 2016Network Review Winter 2015 – 2016
    Editorial – Paul Filmore Articles Schrödinger’s One Mind and its Relevance to Religion and Healing – Larry Dossey Educating for Gaia – Stephan Harding Science and Religion Interview – with Ravi Ravindra Three Levels of Awakening – Vera Helleman Researching Experiences of the Limitless – Dr. Stephen Fulder Homo Ludens from a Primal Health Research Perspective – Michel Odent Head Light:  Taking the ...
  • Network Review Winter 2014Network Review Winter 2014
    Editorial – Edi Bilimoria Articles Global Crisis or Opportunity: We Do Therefore We Evolve – Mick Collins The Problem of Peace – Dr Albert Schweitzer What is Peace? – Dr. Dieter Duhm Beyond Explanation: A Trans-Materialist Interpretation of NDEs – Steve Taylor Scientists Find Hints for the Immortality of the Soul – Dr Rolf Froböse Reflections on Quantum and Consciousness – Chris Clarke Levels and Flattery ...
  • Network Review Winter 2013Network Review Winter 2013
    Editorial – Bernard Carr A State of Belief is a State of Being – Charles Eisenstein Coming to our Senses: in Praise of Embodied Experience – Sue Bayliss Toward a New Conception of God – Jacob Needleman Documentary on David Bohm – F. David Peat Recent Developments in Science and Medicine – Marilyn Monk Expansive Nature Experiences and the Mystical: A Personal View– Matthew Colborn Reports Network News Book Reviews Books in ...
  • Network Review Winter 2012Network Review Winter 2012
    Editorial – Bernard Carr Articles Love’s Labours Lost – Dr Iona Heath From the Rot to the Light – Henryk Skolimowski Brain Wars – Mario Beauregard Truth and Science – Dionysios S. Dementis & Ian O. Angell Recent Developments in Science and Medicine – Marilyn Monk Leadership, Followership and Problems – Keith Grint & Clare Holt, Warwick Business School 2012 – Top Ten Trends Towards a Golden Age & a Wisdom ...
  • Network Review Winter 2011Network Review Winter 2011
    Issue No: 107 Editorial: Cosmic Conversations – Bernard Carr Articles Understanding C.G Jung’s Red Book – Part Two – Roger J. Woolger Spiritual Emergency – the Transpersonal Path to Understanding and Supporting Psychospiritual Crisis – Catherine G Lucas The Evolution of Consciousness and the Ishi Challenge – Mike King The Human Future – Crispin Tickell The Reduction of the British Mind – Paul ...
  • Network Review Winter 2010Network Review Winter 2010
    Editorial: The Challenge of the New – Bernard Carr Articles Premonitions – Larry Dossey It’s Happening Now: The new psycho-spiritual paradigm – Larry Culliford A Quantum Shift? where we seem to be now on Life after Death – Lance St John Butler Review Article: A Critical Take on Psychical Research – David Fontana David Fontana – a memoir – John Crook Recent Developments in Science and Medicine – Marilyn Monk Death in ...
  • Network Review Winter 2009Network Review Winter 2009
    Issue No: 101 Editorial: Time to Raise our Game – A personal view from the Chair – John Clarke Articles The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World –Iain McGilchrist Reclaiming a Life of Quality –Brian Goodwin Spiritual Alchemy: When Trauma and Turmoil Lead to Spiritual Awakening – Steve Taylor The Participatory Turn – The Plurality of Religions and the Spirit of Pluralism –Jorge N. Ferrer Interview ...
  • Network Review Winter 2008Network Review Winter 2008
    Issue No: 98 Editorial: Some More Thoughts on Tighropes – A Personal View– Chris Lyons Articles The Moral Bankruptcies of our Civilisation– Ben Okri Restoring Harmony and Connection: Inner and Outer– A speech by HRH Prince of Wales Happiness and the Teaching of Values– Richard Layard The Not-Yet-Developed World: Investigating the Parallels between Adolescence and Modernity– Oliver Robinson The State of Global Emergency– ...
  • Network Review Winter 2007Network Review Winter 2007
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  • Network Review Winter 2006Network Review Winter 2006
    Issue No: 92 You can download the pdf here.
  • Network Review Winter 2005Network Review Winter 2005
    Issue No: 89 Unavailable.
  • Network Review Winter 2004Network Review Winter 2004
    Issue No: 86 You can download the pdf here.
  • Network Review Winter 2003Network Review Winter 2003
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  • Network Review Winter 2002Network Review Winter 2002
    Issue No: 80 Not available
  • Network Review Winter 2001Network Review Winter 2001
    Issue No: 77 You can download the pdf here.
  • Network Review Winter 2000Network Review Winter 2000
    Issue No: 74 Articles Message from the New Chair of Council – Chris Clarke Science and Wisdom – Compassion – Ravi Ravindra Tibetan and Western Models of Mind – Part 2 – David Fontana Initiative for a World Future Council – Jakob von Uexkull Crossing to Safety: Synchronicity and Soul-Making – Victor Mansfield Time’s a One Way Ticket – Or Is It? – Chris Nunn The Human Genome Project – John Cornwell Water Fluoride: As Much Harm As ...
  • Network Review Winter 1999Network Review Winter 1999
    Issue No: 71 Editorial The Network is Changing – or is it? – Chris Clarke and Julian Candy Articles What a Piece of Work is Man: Humanism, Religion, and the New Cosmology – Theodore Roszak Time: A Dimension of Consciousness or of Actual Reality? – Kurt Dressler Rebalancing the Masculine and the Feminine – Anne Baring God, Science and Jnani : A New Framework – Mike King The Implications of Modern Science for a New World ...
  • Network Review Winter 1998Network Review Winter 1998
    Issue No: 68 Articles How to Understand and Experience Love – Peter Fenwick The Right Temporal Lobe and Associated Limbic Lobe Structures as the Biological Interface with an Interconnected Universe – Melvin Morse Lessons from the Light: What We Can Learn from the Near-death Experience – Kenneth Ring Molecules of Emotion: Martin Redfern interviews Candace Pert – Martin Redfern Is there an ‘X Factor’ in Schizophrenic Illness? – Peter K. Chadwick Sir ...
  • Network Review Winter 1997Network Review Winter 1997
    Issue No: 65 Editorial Experiment and Experience – David Lorimer Articles Goethe’s Organic Vision – Henri Bortoft –> broken link Consciousness — Creativity — Responsibility – Ervin Laszlo –> broken link The Myth of Medical Education – Zoë Playdon –> broken link Birth and Death: Passwords to the Human Spiritual Encounter – Andrew Powell –> broken link Consciousness in Yoga Philosophy – Mick Burley –> broken link Reports Beyond the Brain II: Frontiers in Consciousness and Healing – Julian Candy Dialogue: a Bohmian ...
  • Network Review Winter 1996Network Review Winter 1996
    Issue No: 62 You can download the pdf here.
  • Network Review Winter 1995Network Review Winter 1995
    Issue No: 59 Articles Crime and Nourishment – Derek Bryce-Smith Evolution and the Transcendence of Mind – Theodore Roszak New Age, Old Risks: the perils of tolerance – Guy Claxton Natural Science in German Romanticism – Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke Crick’s Question – Norman Walter Language, Communication – and Art – Peter Petersen The Effect of the Earth’s Magnetic Field on the Animal Nervous System – Abstract by Keith Wakelam of a paper ...
  • Network Review Winter 1986Network Review Winter 1986
    Issue No: 32 Special Notice At an informal meeting of the Council on December 13th, George Blaker was presented with a commemorative silver salver. The George Blaker Research Fund stands at just over £500. Further contributions would be welcome from those who have not already subscribed. Articles Why It Should Happen To You – Dr. Peter Tatham Scientific Positivism, the New Dualism, ...
  • Network Review Summer 2014Network Review Summer 2014
    Meetings with remarkable men – Bernard Carr Andrew Glazewski & the Founding of the SMN – Paul Kieniewicz Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science– Dr Mario Beauregard A call for an open, informed study of all aspects of consciousness – Etzel Cardeña Envisioning and Embodying a New World – Scilla Elworthy Recent Developments in Science and Medicine – Marilyn Monk Healing Relationships ...
  • Network Review Summer 2013Network Review Summer 2013
    Editorial – Olly Robinson One Mind: How our individual mind is part of a greater consciousness and why it matters – Larry Dossey, MD Ecology: Breaking Free from Economic Mind to Eco-Mind – Desmond Berghofer New Revolutions for a small Planet: how the global shift in humanity and nature will transform our minds and lives – Kingsley Denni The Real Challenge of Our ...
  • Network Review Summer 2012Network Review Summer 2012
    Articles The Evolving Network – Peter Fenwick Death and the Human Animal – Mary Midgley Ways of Knowing and Unknowing – Laurence Freeman Enlightenment Ain’t What It’s Cracked Up to Be – Robert Forman Twin Telepathy Reconsidered – Robert A Charman Recent Developments in Science and Medicine – Marilyn Monk The Power of Now – Dennis Kucinich Consciousness: where do we go from here? – Andrew Bell 2012 Online member’s survey: Brief report ...
  • Network Review Summer 2011Network Review Summer 2011
    Editorial: The Need for Change – Bernard Carr Articles Understanding C.G Jung’s Red Book – Part One – Roger J. Woolger We are not Alone, the Shamans tell us – John Broomfield Shaping our Evolution – Chris Thomson Why are Scientists Afraid of Daryl Bem? – Larry Dossey When Denial has to End – Jakob von Uexkull Can we Resolve the Tension between Science and Spirituality? – The Double Star ...
  • Network Review Summer 2010Network Review Summer 2010
    Issue No: 103 Editorial: The Challenge of the New – Bernard Carr Articles A Proposed New Paradigm of Matter, Mind and Spirit – Bernard Carr A Post-modern Emissary: moving forward from McGllchrist – Chris Clarke Recent Developments in Science and Medicine – Marilyn Monk Synthesising a DNA Genome is a Major Feat – but is it creating new life? – Marilyn Monk Global Crisis and Transformation: from spiritual emergency ...
  • Network Review Summer 2009Network Review Summer 2009
    Issue No: 100 Editorial: Network Review 100 not out – David Lorimer Articles Crisis as Opportunity: Seizing the Moment for a new Renaissance – Oliver Robinson, John Clarke, David Lorimer Sustainability for the Next 50 Generations – Henryk Skolimowski Why Us? Dualism Resurgent – James Le Fanu You are Brilliant and the Earth is Hiring – Paul Hawken A Shamanic Perspective on Reconciling Spiritual and Physical Phenomena – John F Caddy The ...
  • Network Review Summer 2008Network Review Summer 2008
    Issue No: 97 Editorial: Third Thoughts on Tightrope Walking – Martin Redfern Articles The Metaphysics of Near-Death Experience – David Lawton The Blissful Brain: Neuroscience and the Proof of the Power of Meditation – Dr Shanida Nataraja Four Ways to Meet the Ecological Challenge (after Matthew Fox): a Psychologist’s Perspective – Isabel Clarke Why I Believe our World Needs More Spirituality not More Religion– Serge Beddington-Behrens The Way ...
  • Network Review Summer 2007Network Review Summer 2007
    Issue No: 94 You can download the pdf here.
  • Network Review Summer 2006Network Review Summer 2006
    Network Review Issue: 91 You can download the pdf here.
  • Network Review Summer 2005Network Review Summer 2005
    Issue No: 88 You can download the pdf here.
  • Network Review Summer 2004Network Review Summer 2004
    Issue No: 85 You can download the pdf here.
  • Network Review Summer 2003Network Review Summer 2003
    Issue No: 82 You can download the pdf here.
  • Network Review Summer 2002Network Review Summer 2002
    Issue No: 79 You can download the pdf here.
  • Network Review Summer 2001Network Review Summer 2001
    Issue No: 76 Articles The Light of Consciousness – Peter Russell The Primacy of Connectivity: Onward from the Manifesto – Chris Clarke, Isabel Clarke Near Death Experiences in Cardiac Arrest and the Mystery of Consciousness – Sam Parnia Science and Religion: a Personal View of their Relation – George Ellis Harnessing Science and Religion: Societal Ramifications of the New Scientific Conception of Human Beings –Henry Stapp Freeing the Scientific Imagination from ...