Greaves, Nick

I have a degree in law from Trinity College Dublin, and which I found to be a tedious subject, so I then worked in commercial property development as a chartered surveyor, from 1968 onwards and which I still do for a few clients who have not yet died or retired. I was involved in some huge office and retail development schemes when younger, and since property is a very venal business, attracting all sorts of unprincipled individuals, I found consolation in my spare time by researching everything I could read on the operation of the mind. I concluded that maybe 80% of the mind’s operation seemed to be dependant on memory on which subject I therefore concentrated as the key to this perennial problem. I took two years away from the office to study in isolation in the wonderful old BM reading room in the late 1970s, and the theory evolved from that with some support at the time from Arthur Koestler and also Dr. John Beloff, who secured the KPR unit for Edinburgh university.

I have been a member of the S&M Network since the middle 1980sand the Network journal published a resume of my paper Duplication Theory in October 1988. This is an explanation for memory and a few other phenomena based on the resonance of similar structures through time, similar in conclusion to Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic resonance, together with a corollary description of how similar intervals in time (actions) resonate through all space at one moment in time (EM radiation). The explanation uses principles of physics to demonstrate a version quantum entanglement through time, as well as that now well founded of instant connection through space. No mathematical knowledge is involved in the explanation, although one was published by laser physicist Arthur Chester (president of research at HRL Laboratories) 1981 in Psychoenergetics.

The theory, more precisely hypothesis, is explained in some detail together with its relevance to the operation of intuition and consciousness, in my web site:

If an explanation is required by any interested party in less than somewhat technical terms then in April 2016 I published a novel: ‘Mind out of Time’ available on kindle or paperback through Amazon, which should be easier to read than the web site. The first part is based on thinly described personal experience, and the second part describes an experiment which is a variation of that carried out by Dr. Rita Pizzi of Milan university in 2004 and 2007. This variation purports to show how neurons cultivated on multi electrode arrays will demonstrate a resonance effect through time when played on by holographic images in motion. This latter part of the book is fiction of course, and possibly wishful thinking, but the author considers there is a reasonable chance it might work. The implications of such a result for the development of artificial intelligence once the mechanism of mind and memory are obvious, and the establishment of a method of networking individual minds should also then become possible, the results of which are conjectured.


Mind out of Time Paperback – April 21, 2016 by Nick Greaves