Razali, Sam

I first studied Electronics, and then worked as an Electronic Engineer; my title was ‘electronic technician’, after a year or so I became Electronic engineer. It wasn’t bad. We were about thirty engineers. There was friendship and a comradery between us. The Firm/Company was in Camden Town, London—-the posh end of Camden Town!—— in fact a couple of minutes walk from Regents Park. The equipment that we used to repair were Pagers, Walkie-TalkiesPrintersand the most important equipment that we used to repair were Telstors, which were I believe (but I am not one hundred percent sure) the first Telephone Answering  Machines in Britain. They were the size of a computer with a complex electronic circuit —– not easy to repair.  Time came that we realized we had to be part of a ‘Trade Union’.  Soon we came together, and the lads arranged an Election and I was elected the Shop-Steward. Heavy Responsibility! I worked for about four years with the Firm. I regard it in a way (but not in every way) a good part of my life —– beautiful memories! After that I worked with a number of Firms and did other things to some of which I may allude in the next section,