Basios, Vasilieios, Dr. PhD

Vasileios Basios

Dr. Vasileios Basios PhD spent his formative years working within the team of Nobel laureate Ilya Prigogine at the Solvay Institutes for Physics and Chemistry at the University of Brussels. Then after a short research post in the Belgian Royal Meteorological Service he became a senior researcher at the Physics Department of the University of Brussels with a specialization in physics of complex systems and nonlinear dynamics. His main research activities were focused on the research initiative of the European Space Agency’s science program for the International Space Station dealing with self-organization of complex matter. He maintains a special focus on the history of ideas in science and their role in the transformation of science beyond the prevailing mechanistic world view. As a senior member of the Scientific & Medical Network, he also maintains a keen interest in contemporary research avenues that have started to lead us to a new renaissance, concerned with the renewal of a “re-enchanted” nature.


Chaos, Information Processing and Paradoxical Games: The Legacy of John S Nicolis