Helleman, Vera

Vera Helleman , is an inspiring and well-established speaker, with great popularity in The Netherlands and Belgium. After being a psychotherapist for a while, Vera awoke into oneness and was gifted with the full understanding of the functioning of the human mind, the essence of who we are, and the role which we play in creation. Looking from an energetic level and non-dualist point of view, she has the ability to confront people lovingly with their misconceptions about who they truly are and how this reality functions. Being married, a mother of four and standing with both feet firmly into daily life, people find her vivid appearance a recognisably example of living the art of life that resonates to one’s own longing to live. Vera is author of the book ‘Effortlessly being yourSelf’ www.verahelleman.co.uk


Effortlessly Being Yourself