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Sunita Pattani

Sunita Pattani is a psychotherapist based in London. She is particularly interested in how the quantum world-view informs psychotherapeutic practice, and currently specializes in using energy psychology to treat psychological trauma. Sunita is a graduate of the University of Birmingham, where she obtained a degree in Mathematics, Science and Education […]


Chantal le Roux

Chantal has a background in transpersonal psychology, special needs education and holistic healing. As a South African who lived in China for many years, she has a deep respect for diverse cultures and values both traditional and contemporary healing modalities. She is a qualified Vinyasa yoga instructor and certified Applied […]


Jevon Dangeli

Jevon Dangeli, MSc Transpersonal Psychology, Certified Transpersonal Coach and Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Certified NLP Trainer In addition to the Transpersonal Coaching Handbook and the Open Awareness Handbook, Jevon has written six other training manuals for transpersonal practitioners, recorded over 30 audio programmes and a comprehensive video series where he teaches approaches […]


Sharifa Al-Kindi

Sharifa Al-Kindi is a second-year student at Alef Trust, currently doing her Masters in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology. She has opted for Transpersonal Dreaming and Contemporary Spirituality as her optional modules during her first year. Her interests revolve around experiences of non-local consciousness, such as OBEs, NDEs and Lucid Dreaming. […]


Jules De Vitto

I have recently completed the second year of my MSc in Transpersonal Psychology, Consciousness and Spirituality through Alef Trust. For my optional modules within the first year, I chose to explore Contemporary Spirituality and Transpersonal Therapy and Counselling. In my second year, I studied Shamanistic Psychology and Transpersonal Coaching. For […]


Erika Pratte

Erika Annabelle Pratte is a PhD candidate and lecturer at the University of Northampton where she is embarking on doctoral research entitled Therapeutic Approaches Towards Near-Death Experiences. She is also a mental health clinician, writer, and publisher/editor of the Journal of Exceptional Experiences and Psychology. Erika’s research and clinical focuses […]

Dr. Keith Beasley

North Wales Group

The former One Spirit Alliance local group in North Wales is no longer meeting. The board member with responsibility for local groups, Jacqui Nielsen, would like to hear from any full member of the Scientific and Medical Network who would be interested in reconstituting this group as an independent SMN […]

Alef Trust MSc

  MSc in Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology THE ALEF TRUST 2 Poulton Hall CourtyardWirralCH63 9LNUnited KingdomUK: +44-151-538-0426US/Canada: 1-757-828-7279 Alef Trust is a non-profit, globally-conscious and community-oriented institution offering online transformational Graduate Programmes and Open Learning Courses for academic, professional and personal development. Alef Trust fosters holistic educational, community […]

Colet House

The Study Society

The Study Society is a place where you can find rest and refreshment amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. We offer a range of practical ways to help further self knowledge, inner peace, and spiritual growth. Since its formation in 1951 The Study Society has sought to help […]