László, Ervin, Dr.

Dr. Ervin László, Founder and President of The Club of Budapest, Director and Co-Founder of the Ervin Laszlo Institute for Advanced Study (ELIAS) and of the Laszlo New-Paradigm Leadership Center (Italy), Member of the Hungarian Academy of Science, Fellow of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences, Member of the International Academy of Philosophy of Science, Member of the International Academy of Systems Research and Cybernetics, Senator of the International Medici Academy, and Editor of the international periodical World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution. Author or co-author of fifty-four books translated into as many as twenty-three languages, and the editor of another thirty volumes including a four-volume encyclopedia.


The Systems View of the World: A Holistic Vision for Our Time. Hampton Press, 1996.
The Whispering Pond: A Personal Guide to the Emerging Vision of Science, Element Books, Ltd., 1996.
Evolution: The General Theory, Hampton Press, 1996.
Macroshift: Navigating the Transformation to a Sustainable World,. Berrett – Koehler, 2001
The Connectivity Hypothesis: Foundations of an Integral Science of Quantum, Cosmos, Life, and Consciousness, State University of New York Press, 2003.
You Can Change the World: The Global Citizen’s Handbook for Living on Planet Earth: A Report of the Club of Budapest, Select Books, 2003.
Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything, Inner Traditions International, 2004.
Science and the Reenchantment of the Cosmos : The Rise of the Integral Vision of Reality, Inner Traditions, 2006.
The Chaos Point: The World at the Crossroads, Hampton Roads, 2006.
Quantum Shift in the Global Brain: How the New Scientific Reality Can Change Us and our World, Rochester VT: Inner Traditions, 2008.
WorldShift 2012: Making Green Business New Politics & Higher Consciousness Work Together McArthur & Company, 2009.
The Immortal Mind: Science and the Continuity of Consciousness Beyond the Brain, with Anthony Peake, Simon and Schuster, 2014