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Rupert Sheldrake
Rupert Sheldrake, a frequent speaker at SMN meetings.

The Scientific and Medical Network is dedicated to the sharing of ideas in the fields of science, spirituality and consciousness. Our priority has always been to encourage the networking of minds so that advances in our core subject areas happen faster and are shared further. To these ends, we seek to provide unique platforms for engagement, including web-based forums, residential conferences addressed by leading minds in their fields, and our immersive Local Groups.

Local groups are led by members who provide a forum for such exploration and the format of meetings varies. Some Local Groups follow a traditional format of presentations by invited speakers, whereas others have discussions, some meet in the evenings, others in the afternoon, and others have full day meetings. The frequency of meetings also varies. To find out more, please find the group nearest to you from the list below. One of the major benefits of Local Groups is the sense of community which is created in which people enjoy not only expanding their horizons but also making meaningful friendships with like-minded people. Members and non-members are always welcome at SMN Local Groups.

Local Groups are not a formal part of the Scientific and Medical Network. The reason for this is that we want the big conversations to include everybody, not just our members. Absolutely anybody can attend a meeting of their nearest SMN local group at the invitation of the convenor. All that is required is to contact the appropriate convenor for your region. These autonomous groups of SMN members and their guests, arrange their own lectures, discussions and participatory activities.

The group pages below offer forthcoming events, news and notices, and in some cases summaries of previous meetings, (including a few audio recordings), provided by the local group coordinators.
Take the plunge and attend your nearest local group meeting. Please do also consider the additional benefits that come with enrollment into membership of the SMN.

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